5 Reasons Why Black Sand Beaches Rock!

Although black sand beaches are generally less known than their white sand beach counterparts, if you are looking to change things up a bit from the typical tropical vacation, they can be a wonderful alternative.  Black sand beaches are volcanic in origin and are formed very differently from their white sand counterparts which are coral in origin. Therefore the grain size and color of the sand vary, even on the same stretch of beach.

Black sand beaches are becoming more and more popular, particularly among travelers who are looking for an experience off the beaten path and ecotourism enthusiasts (ecotourists). Here are some reasons why black sand beaches totally rock:

1. Countries where black sand beaches are found are usually great for hiking and ecotourism activities, because of their rugged terrain and volcanic nature.

2. When you choose a black sand beach, you are likely to experience something that is unique and that most of your friends have not experienced.

3. The grains of sand are usually a bit bigger so provide great exfoliation for your feet!

4. Beach treasures are more easily visible against the black backdrop of the dark sand.

5. Black sand beaches are usually more secluded because everyone else is on the white sand beaches. Therefore, you are likely to have your own private oasis on a black sand beach.


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