Adventure Destinations in the USA

For those adventure lovers there are places that you should never miss in the USA. Make sure that you have visited the following places if you are an adventure lover!

1. Shipwreck diving in the Lake Superior in Minnesota is one of the activities that you should never miss. Here you got to see all that an ocean can give you in the waters of Grand Portage, Minnesota. This is located near the Isle Royale National Park. The ship wrecks are preserved perfectly with the fresh water in the lake.

2. The hiking stretch between Kings Canyon National Park and Yosemite National Park, through the Inyo National Park which goes from south to north, is about 195 miles. This stretch is definitely challenging – not to mention long – and not for the faint of heart.

3. Surfing in the “Lost Coast” of Humboldt County in California is for those who want to get away from more congested areas and have the ocean to themselves. Combining picturesque cliff walls and coastal redwoods you get about 80 miles of excellent surfing. 

4. For those daring climbers there is Mt. Rainier in Washington. It is the 22nd highest peak in the USA. Requiring a high level of technical climbing ability, it is one of the most challenging peaks in the country to climb.

5. The Grand Canyon in Arizona is an excellent place for rafting.  You will generally have the option of going down the rushing Colorado River in either a 18 foot inflatable raft or a 17 foot hard-hulled dory, with the raft having more flexibility when it crashes into the waves. A bonus is the short hiking trips you can take into the canyons.

6.. For those biking lovers the Continental Divide Trail is a place not to miss. From Montana in the north to the New Mexico in the south, the 2490 miles through mountains, desert, and prairie is a challenging cycling trip. You come across a total elevation of about 200000 feet during the trip.