The Monte Carlo Casino Experience

Monte Carlo – just the mere mention of the name evokes scenes from James Bond films and an aura of luxury unmatched by any other gambling locale. Monte Carlo, a town located in the province of Monaco, is perhaps most famous for its casino, which stands as a well-known monument in the region.

Garnering international attention as the setting for events like the European Poker Tour Grand Final, the casino building itself is large, beautiful, and a definitive draw for visitors to the region. Designed by the capable hands that were also responsible for the Paris Opera, the architect Charles Garnier incorporated a Beaux Arts style into the building, which stands as a noteworthy landmark and movie backdrop many years after its initial construction began in 1858.

Located off the Mediterranean sea, Monte Carlo is home to a number of well-known sporting events, such as the Monaco Grand Prix, whose route goes right by the famed casino’s front doors. Naturally, the casino takes the forefront of tourist interest, drawing in crowds with games like video poker and slot machines, table games that include craps, stud poker and baccarat, and more exotic local gambling games like Trente et Quarante.

While favorable online casino reviews are almost certainly giving the centuries-old establishment a run for it’s money, the building also boasts attractions like the Grand Théâtre de Monte Carlo, which has both an opera and ballet house to appeal to those that would like to step away from the tables for awhile. No matter which way you “roll the dice”, the winner is clear – anyone who visits the Monte Carlo is betting on a great experience.