Exploring Rome

The great city of the Roman empire, the hub of culture, religion and politics had once been the center of one great civilization. Existing for over two and a half millennia, maintaining its city center as a World Heritage Site, the rich history of Rome makes a charming travel destination to one of the most visited capitals in the world with its monuments, museums, nightlife, shopping scenes and fashion.

Using a Roma Pass should grant you free transportation and two museum admissions for three days, which can save you on your holiday budget. Discounts should also be available with the Pass to various events and exhibitions. Best time to visit would mostly be in mid-May, as the city grants a single week called “La settimana dei beni culturali”, offering free admittance to publicly owned landmarks and historical sights. Also, during high seasons, consider taking rather the guided tours to avoid queues.

Exploring the heart of ancient Rome must start with the Colosseum which was the most famous amphitheater, capable of hosting over than fifty thousand spectators who watched gladiator fights in the arena from around 80AD.

The Roman Forum, which was the cultural, political and commercial center of Rome lays between the Colosseum and Piazza Venezia. The main significance of the Forum is that many of today`s political systems are pretty much derived from those established by Caesar in those days.

Of over the 900 churches, which represent Catholic Rome St. Peter`s Cathedral and the Vatican Museum are most worthy of visiting along with Castel Sant’Angelo, which was converted to a papal fortress during the sixth century having secret passageways underneath and numerous artworks inside portraying the history of Rome. The Vatican is the only papal state and is the seat of the head of the worldwide Catholic Church with its vast time line originating since 75AD. Keep in mind that humble, long sleeved clothes are mandatory while visiting the cathedrals.

Amongst the Piazzas, which are the large squares connecting the narrow street, most worthy of visiting are the Piazza di Spagna with the finest shops in Rome and the Piazza Navona, which is a cultural spot with street artists and cafes around the Fountain of Four Rivers, a masterpiece landmark.

The Vatican

St. Peters Square

The Spanish Steps

St. Peters Basilica

The Forum

Piazza Venzia

Piazza Navona

The Colosseum

Colosseum Interior

Castel Sant’Angelo

Campo Del Fiori