Amazing Forest Village of Buddha statues in Japan

The Japanese city of Toyama is the political and economic hub of the Toyama prefecture, and the gateway to the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route. The area is very famous for its eastern medicine, particularly the “Han-Gon-Han”, mixture made from the extract of the musk bag of a deer, herbs and other animal medicinal sources.

The upper portion of the Jinzu River offers some of Toyoma Prefecture’s most picturesque scenery. The river cuts a deep gorge with steep cliffs. On the right bank is a place know as “Nobotoke-no-sato,” where a myriad of stone buddhas reside.

Gohyakurakan (Toyama Folk Craft Museum)
Here you can learn about Toyama’s rich history and culture. Visit the folk craft museum, ceramic art museum, folk customs information center, medicine information center, and other buildings in this village setting. You can also stroll through the grounds of nearby Chokeiji, where more than 500 stone statues of Rakan, Buddha’s disciples, are enshrined.