House-Ship in Kemerovo, Russia

This unusual house was built by 47 year old Nikolay Orekhov, a resident of the village Borovoy in Kemerovo in south-central Russia. Interestingly enough, this structure was built without a plan and any drawings. “All the drawings were in my head”, says Nikolay.

The height of this unusual home is 9 meters and 14 meters in length. On the first floor is a sauna, swimming pool and a bathroom. At the bow – the kitchen. On the second floor is a large room, two bedrooms and a nursery. On the third floor Nickolay installed a greenhouse.

Nicholay began to build a house boat on the “magical” date of July 7, 2007. He explained that he had originally planned to make just a bath, but in the process of building decided to build an entire house instead. His neighbors in Kemerovo call his house the “Ark of Nikolayev”.

Strangely enough, the builder says that he built the house not only because of what he saw him in a dream, but also because of the possibility of a flood coming his way. According to Russian site, the reason behind this modern version of Noah’s ark is Nikolay’s fear of floods caused by climate change. He says he’s not a fanatic but he does strongly believe in the possibility of a serious flood.

Photos credit: Victor Borisov