Penny Harvest Field of 100 Million Pennies

Have you ever seen, looks like a million dollars? Architect James S. Polshek has provided the opportunity for everyone. True, he did it rather peculiarly: his installation Penny Harvest Field is a million dollars comprised of coins in denominations of 1 cent.

The Penny Harvest Field is a showcase of over 100 million pennies collected by students in and around the NYC area between October 22nd and Thanksgiving. That’s a whopping $1 million dollars on public display!

The 30 feet by 165 feet long exhibit is the culmination of Common Cents’ 17th annual Penny Harvest drive. Through Penny Harvest, Common Cents encourages young kids to give back to their neighborhoods in order to spur change and improvement in their communities.

If you want to check out the Penny Harvest Field, you can do so by going to Rockefeller Center (between 50th and 51st Streets and between Fifth Avenue and the Avenue of the Americas).

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