Helicopter Views Over Moscow

From the words of the photographer Konstantin Titov : We flew in a helicopter over the MKAD (Moscow Automobile Ring Road).  We flew over the entire ring at an altitude of 150 meters and a duration of about 50 minutes. Because of the heat the engine had to work at …

House-Ship in Kemerovo-2

House-Ship in Kemerovo, Russia

This unusual house was built by 47 year old Nikolay Orekhov, a resident of the village Borovoy in Kemerovo in south-central Russia. Interestingly enough, this structure was built without a plan and any drawings. “All the drawings were in my head”, says Nikolay. The height of this unusual home is …


Amazing Depreciated Church

Wooden church in the village Paltoga Vologda region, not far from Lake Onega, Russia. The church was built in 1733, and 19 th century is edged with boards, covered with iron and painted with white paint. In 1810, a number of built brick Znamenskaya church.