Swiss Beauty – Lake Geneva

The area surrounding Lake Geneva, the largest freshwater lake in Western Europe, with its stunning scenery and well-to-do residents, is referred to as the Swiss Riviera.

Otherwise known as Lac Léman in French, Lake Geneva is a true European gem, making it an ideal holiday destination for those who seek amazing Alpine scenery with a taste of luxury along its shores.

Formed by a retreating glacier, the crescent shaped lake is most famous for its multitude of vineyards, classic French farmhouses, spas, wellness centers, yachts and boats all combined with the breathtaking panoramic view of the landscapes surrounding it.

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Sailing, rowing and water skiing are some of the most popular sporting activities on the lake, which hosts the famous Bol d’Or Mirabaud yacht racing event, a 32 mile return-course between Geneva and the town of Rolle during the summer each year.

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Winter sports are also half an hour away up the Alps. Most famous is probably the Villars ski resort with excellent hotels, fine dining and within easy reach of Geneva airport.

On the shores of Lake Geneva is the municipality of Montreaux, which is mostly known for the medieval architecture of the historic Chateau de Chillon Castle and its old-world charm. It also hosts the two week long Montreux Jazz Festival every July, which is the second largest music festival in the world.

The impeccable scenery and world-class views in the area have propelled many world famous stars to homes here over the years, the likes of which include Mary Shelley, Vladimir Lenin, Charlie Chaplin, Phil Collins and Michael Schumacher.

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