10 of the Most Extreme Sports Around

There was a time when doing the world’s tallest or most dangerous bungee jump or skydiving from 4,000 feet high in the sky with the feeling of free falling towards the ground below would have caused a huge stir among your friends and had them in complete awe of your bravery and carefree attitude. Yep, they would have been lining up in an orderly queue to hear all about your awesome adventure.

But these days, doesn’t it just seem like all of your friends and the people you know (even the totally uncool ones) seem to have done some of these reckless stunts already? Everyone is taking gap years these days and experiencing situations they would have never come near before. Now you are more likely to hear, “oh that bungee, yeah I did that last year” rather than “oh man you’re totally crazy!”.

So in a way, these sports that get classed as extreme, just don’t seem that far out anymore because they have become so everyday. I think it’s about time that us men got some of our credibility back and started searching out some real extreme entertainment. I’m talking, so ridiculously scary that surely no one has lived to tell the tale?

So, we have done you the honor and rounded up some of the most extreme sporting things you could ever imagine (or not imagine as the case may be) yourself ever doing! Just don’t go telling the whole world about it as we need to keep these sports a little more low key this time to retain some of the bragging rights we’ve lost!

1. Volcano Boarding

Forget snowboarding lads and welcome volcano boarding. Yes, it really is as crazy as it sounds. Heading off to Nicaragua’s Cerro Negro mountain in central America – the only place in the world where you can throw yourself down an active volcano!

You fly down the 2,380 ft high Cerro Negro on a specially designed wooden board reaching speeds of up to 50 mph all the time knowing that this volcano is still young and volatile and has already erupted 20 times to date, the last time being back in 1999.

Surely this beauty is due a another blowout soon making this sport sure to meet any adrenaline junkies needs! This slope is 41 degrees at its steepest and although the climb to the top takes 45 minutes, you are sure to be down in a flash – hopefully in one piece.

2. Train Surfing

Ok, so this particular activity is actually illegal therefore, I am in no way condoning that you do this. I am simply including it as it does exist. Train surfing involves the riders clinging or “surfing” on moving trains and it has become extremely documented in Africa and India and even in New York City.

Underground stations are now running campaigns against the sport. Potential obstacles lay in falling off and potential obstacles along the course such as tunnels and overhead lines. This is some serious thrill seeking but I doubt anyone is this desperate for a joy ride.


3. Airkicking

Airkicking is an extreme sport also described as the human catapult – I think that gives you the idea. The contraption works by propelling you in the air at a pre-calculated trajectory with the use of air pressure and water recoil technology. As the participant, you push the button to boost yourself 8 meters high in to the air to land in a pool. Just make sure you have your dive perfected as a belly flop will do some serious damage!


4. Speed Riding

Ever thought to yourself…I wonder what would happen if they mixed paragliding and skiing? Well, your wondering is over as speed riding has been born and its as fast paced as you can believe! You just need to get hold of a wing – a stunt type of parachute – and some skis and your ready. The wing will gather speed allowing you to ‘take off’ down the slopes at high speed. This is fast and dangerous and some slopes have already banned the extreme sport. Speed gliding allows you to go places normal skiing just wouldn’t allow like cliff faces and rock bands but you are truly at the mercy of the elements and gravity.


5. Slacklining

For this next extreme sport think tight rope but its actually not tight at all – it’s slack. Think of this as rope-walking’s cooler and younger brother. The line is not held rigidly tight, instead it stretches and bounces a lot like a rubber band and the tension can be changed to suit the user. The flat line allows for better footing meaning that you can perform some gnarly tricks and stunts – if you dare of course! The record for the highest slackline lies with Christian Schou at 3,280 feet which is the equivalent of being 3 Eiffel towers high in the sky.


6. Underwater Hockey

This is not surprisingly is a well known sport. But divers love playing underwater hockey, especially in the winter when they can’t get to dive outside. This sport started in Great Britain during the 1950’s.

All you need for equipment is a course stick protective gear and gloves and oh yes, we must not forget the snorkeling equipment. The game is played at the bottom of the pool which gets a bit tricky when you have to remember that you need air. The puck weighs over one kilogram. It is a tough and tiring sport. There are even national teams that take part in championship games.


7. Rock Boarding

Here’s a creative solution to a topographical conundrum. Not all of us are lucky enough to have ski-slopes close to hand – but rocky hills? They’re almost everywhere! So never mind your snow-boarding – take up rock-boarding instead! All you need is a decent gradient, some loose rubble, and you’re off! Nothing like a bit of good old lateral thinking – though you might need to dig out those knee-pads


8. Zorbing Ball

Effectively throwing yourself down a slope in a giant ball, or “Zorbing” is one of the latest extreme sport craze to sweep the world. This bizarre sport, invented in 2000, involves a giant plastic ball, which has two skins, one inside the other. The person zorbing is in the area between the skins, which is pumped up with air. The middle ball effectively suspends them on a cushion of air off the ground and the ball is then rolled down a hill.

Like a number of other extreme sports, such as bungee jumping, zorbing originated in New Zealand. There are two different ways to zorb – either harnessed inside the ball, or “hydrozorbing”, which involves putting water in the ball, which zorbers can slide around on as it revolves.

Here’s a clip from the TV show “The Amazing Race” where one of the challenges is to go down a hill in a zorb ball.


9. Wingsuit Flying

The Birdmen – The Original Dream of Flight:

Now it has to be every guy’s dream to fly and now you can. With the help of a little thing called the wing suit you can jump off a big cliff, control your movements and fly yourself down to the ground with no need for that old thing called a parachute. Reaching speeds of 140 to 150 miles per hour these birdmen take extreme sports to new extremes.

The Romsdal Valley of Norway during the summer solstice is a popular spot for trying it out. You have the feeling of free falling until the air inflates the suit and the nylon wings propel you forward. It wont just feel like flying because you are flying! Looks terrifying…can’t wait to try it!


10. Bog Snorkelling

Think snorkeling is out of the picture just because you’re nowhere near a clear lagoon? Think again! Some creative soul in Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales, came up with bog snorkeling back in 1986 and the town now hosts – yes! – the World Bog Snorkeling Championships.

You need a mask or goggles, a snorkel and a pair of flippers, and you have to swim two lengths of a 60ft trench dug specially in a peat bog. Get in!