Africa at Night

The latest camera technology allowed Martin Dohrn of National Geographic to photograph animal life on the African plains at night, under cover of darkness.

He did not use artificial lighting, which could distract the animals and thus, he was able to capture rare species of hunting lionesses night.

For these shots, like this, Dorn used the camera, relying on a heat-sensitive technology, similar to those used in night vision devices, but with the additional ability to take pictures in high resolution.

A lioness kills a zebra.

The Jeep crew in the filming vehicle ready for action.

This lion was photographed in the moonlight in the Serengeti. “Notice the dilated pupils” – Martin Dohrn commented.

Martin Dohrn readying a camera for filming at night.

Two lionesses resting.

This hippo was not in serious danger, as these lions were merely engaging in hunting practice.