Undulating Lines of the Wave of Coyote Buttes

The aptly-named “Wave” is a sandstone rock formation located on the slopes of Coyote Buttes in the Paria Canyon/Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness area near the Utah/Arizona border.

source: Gabe Farnsworth

The pictures actually look like some form of abstract art to me rather than photographs. In fact, the sandstone is estimated to be 190 million years ago (oh is that all?)

source: Frans Lanting
source: Jeremiah Barber

Looks awesome, doesn’t it? These striated rock formations are actually sand dunes which have been calcified. The deposits of iron oxides, hematite, and goethite contribute to the rich assortment of colors that are displayed.

source: Alex Proimossource: Shann Hurley

To get here you have to hike a moderately difficult 3 mile trail and also get a permit. If that’s not enough, there are only 20 permits are issued per day due to the delicate nature of the rock formations. Additionally, there is no overnight camping and your group size is limited to six people.

source: Gabe Farnsworth
source: Jim Gordon
source: Jeremiah Barber

Take a look at the site for the Bureau of Land Management to get all permit details and information on how to plan your trip.

source: Jon Fowler