Cliff Diver Dancing With Death

Collage of 11 images stitched together

An unnamed diver’s jump into waters from the top of the towering rock face near Penzance, Cornwall (southwest corner of England) was captured by a photographer. He hurled himself through the air and fell between 96ft – 100ft before landing in just 20ft of water below.

Alastair Sopp‘s images snapped the diver as he free-falled into the sea below. He landed feet first and it turns out that other than an injured rib, he was fine.  Alastair added: “It was a breathtaking moment. I couldn’t believe he jumped from so high up.” Though not illegal, police and coastguards have regularly issued warnings over the dangers of cliff-diving

Each year a number of people in the UK are killed or injured after hurling themselves into shallow water from piers, rocks and cliffs.