The Exotic Rich Coast of Costa Rica

Located in the middle of the Americas, at the isthmus that connects the two continents, Costa Rica is uniquely defined by both its economical and political stability along with its prominent appreciation for its national reserves and parks. It is also regarded as one of the greenest countries in the world.

The high season is from December to April during the dry season. Applying for a tourist visa is not necessary, as it is automatically stamped in the passport upon arrival and is valid for ninety days.

Being mostly an undiscovered paradise, Costa Rica is certainly one of those tourist destinations where one can enjoy the tropical skies and the clear waters on one of hundreds of virgin beaches along its long coast line.

Besides its beautiful tropical beaches, Costa Rica offers various rain forests, volcanoes and rivers to explore. Its vast jungles provide an abundant wildlife habitat for a most unique ecosystem with countless species of exotic birds, reptiles, monkeys and insects, while the coasts are ideal for fishing and exploring marine animals.

Costa Rica’s natural beauty and great weather make for a perfect tourist destination and it is also a safe and comfortable country to travel to with countless hotels, resorts and tour companies.