Floating man made islands on Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca sits on the border of Bolivia and Peru and is said to be the most highly located commercially navigable lakes in the world. It is also the largest lake present in South America. The lake gets its water supply from rainfall and the melted waters of the glaciers on the Sierras. The lake is very popular for its floating islands. There are a total of 41 islands which are populated by the local tribes and clans. The islands are man made and created by the local residents. These floating islands are created out of canes that are strategically placed to grow in the shallow waters of the lake. An average of five families live on these tiny floating islands with up to ten members in each family. The inmates of these islands has to create a home following wars that dragged on for centuries. These people had to live in their boats for a long time and eventually constructed these islands to make life more comfortable.