Adachi – The Best Gardens in Japan

The Adachi Museum of Art, located in the southern prefecture of Tottori, was founded in 1980 by the late Adachi Zenkov, who in this project, combined his two passions of Japanese art and garden design. It has been named the best garden in Japan annually since 2003 by the bi-monthly US magazine Journal of Japanese Gardening (that’s nearly 10 years running!)

Adachi Zenkov traveled throughout Japan collecting varieties of conifers, mosses and stones, searching for the perfect components for the garden

The museum is 165,000 square meters and features in its space 6 distinct gardens: a traditional dry landscape garden, a Juryu-an teahouse garden, a garden of white pebbles and pine trees, a moss garden, a garden featuring a waterfall, and a pond garden. In addition to the gardens, the Adachi Museum of Art also houses a collection of nearly 1300 twentieth century paintings and artworks which are rotated seasonally. There is also a permanent exhibit of paintings by Yokoyama Taikan, as well as a ceramics exhibit.

The gardens have been subjected to the most meticulous attention and not one leaf or rock is out of place. Special pavilions with panoramic windows and comfortable benches were constructed from which to sit and enjoy the harmony of nature. The goal is not to touch the foliage with your hands, but to admire them from afar, leisurely contemplating life and listening to the feedback in the soul.

In March 2009, the gardens were raised to 3 stars – the highest level – by the French tour guide publication Michelin.

Entrance to the museum is not cheap – the ticket price for adults is 2200 yen (28 US dollars), but there is a discount for foreigners and students.

Official site (English): Adachi Musuem