Night and Day Fun in Tenerife

Tenerife belongs to the group of islands called the Canary Islands; it is the largest of the islands in the group. The other islands are smaller in size such as La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro. It has lushness all around with the highest peak being the El Teide volcano which is clearly visible from all over the island. This volcano boasts of being Spain’s highest mountain with a very different landscape that supports micro climates which means moderate temperature of 23 degrees C all year round. This pleasant climate makes it very attractive to millions of visitors, especially Europeans, every year.

Sun-filled offering

Tenerife is ideal for beach lovers as there is the constant moderate climate that encourages all beach lovers to stay long hours on the beaches which are golden and sandy. Alternatively, one can choose to explore the many varieties of tropical fauna and flora that are found in the national parks here. These national parks are not only beautiful with its fauna and flora but are also very well maintained and educational. Some of the more renowned ones are Teide, Anaga, Caorono Forestal Natura and Teno Rural Park. Even the naturally arid and earthly landscape all around Teide volcano makes the place so impressive and virgin; it was the perfect site for the shooting of the movie, ‘One Million Years BC’ which became a blockbuster on the Hollywood movie listing.

There are theme parks to entertain the whole family while exhibition halls of interesting displays draw the intellectuals and the curious. The island also offers movies in the local cinemas for those who like to enjoy some entertainment without the rush while museums are a favorite with those who like to understand more of the culture and history of the place.

Nightlife and gastronomy

There is never a dull moment at Tenerife; the visitors will be thoroughly occupied during the day when the sun brings the glow on the beach and then with the historical sights while at night, they can enjoy the cool of the night with the great night activities in store at various spots like Puerto de la Cruz, Santa Cruz, Las Americas and La Laguna.

The locals play an important role in drawing in more visitors as they practice openness and warm hospitality with plenty of charm. Not a second fiddle is definitely the delicious local cuisine that is a combination of Spanish, Latin American and African recipes. Some hot favorites are Papas Arrugadas which are wrinkled potatoes, Mojo-sauced salted fish and Potaje de Berros, chick pea stew that is served hot. Of courseHealth Fitness Articles, there are always the Spanish tapas available anywhere on the island.

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