Seychelles Endless White Sand Beaches

The Seychelles, a country comprised of 115 islands, is located northeast of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean east of Africa.

The country offers endless white sand beaches, clear warm blue seas and charming locals. The marine life around the islands, especially the more remote coral islands, can be spectacular. The economy of this isolated island paradise, in turn, relies heavily on tourism.

Apart from the idyllic beaches and charming hotels that conjure up a somewhat lazy way of enjoying the Seychelles Islands, the surrounding area offers activities galore to tempt you away from your sunbed. Golf, sailing, windsurfing, big game fishing are popular activities. In addition, with the establishment of island sanctuaries and nature reserves, many birdwatchers have flocked (pun intended) to the islands.

As a result of their extraordinary, isolated history, the Seychelles are also rich in rare plants which flourish nowhere else on the planet. 81 species are unique survivors from the luxuriant tropical forests that covered the islands until humanities belated arrival two centuries ago.

The islands lie outside the cyclone belt but receive monsoon rains from November to April with the northwest trade winds. This hot and humid season gives way to a period of cooler weather, though the temperature rarely falls below 23 Celsius and rougher seas when the trade winds blow from the southeast.