Charming Town of Spello Italy

The small town of Spello is located in Perugia province in Umbria, a landlocked region of  central Italy.

According to Wikipedia:

The densely-inhabited town, built of stone, is of decidedly medieval aspect, and is enclosedin a circuit of medieval walls on Roman foundations.

Spello is an ancient jewel of a town that is perfect for immersing yourself into Italian life. Imagine lazing away the day on the balcony with wine and cheese recommended by the local salumeria owner and strolling about the ancient city streets while appreciating the surrounding scenery.

Because Spello is not a part of the usual tourist’s trail, tourists only happen to come to town from time to time. Mostly, the town is for the 8500 residents that live here, which only adds to the allure even more.

Sights from three millennia are found in Spello. It has some of Italy’s best preserved city walls, many of them Roman, some medieval. The town features hundreds of steep medieval streets and stairways, arches and angles, all set into the serene Umbrian countryside.







The most popular place to stay is Palazzo Bocci in Via Cavour. This 4-star hotel is the quintessential 18th century resting place, with its walls and ceilings enrobed in exquisite original frescos, while also offering modern amenities.