Top Five Wildlife Vacation Destinations in Africa

Africa and the Middle East have a very ancient history along with rich cultural heritage. This gives way to a lot of exciting places to wander in Africa with your family. Deserts in Morocco, Wildlife in Botswana and Tanzania, safari in the Kruger National Park and an exciting canoe trip in Botswana are something that everybody would wish to experience with their family.



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Morocco is famous for its desert and any family willing to have an adventure in the deserts of Morocco like a nomad can definitely find this place interesting. You are not short of sumptuous food, good transport and comfort accommodation in Morocco. A camel ride in the Sahara is something everybody would like to have. Relaxing in the Essaouira beach and traveling to the Atlas Mountains can also be done.

Tanzania’s Wildlife Safari

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An adventure with camping in the wild along with your family and tracking the leopards, buffalo, rhino, elephants and the lions would be a fun that you would remember for your lifetime. The wildlife safari has something for everyone in your family.


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The Bwindi National Park in Uganda is more popular among the tourists. Your family can meet another family viz. a Gorilla family in the mountains that have a lot of gorillas. It is said that half of the world’s gorilla population is in these mountains.

Kruger National Park’s Wildlife Safari

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The Kruger National Park has about 147 species of mammals, 100 species of reptiles, 49 species of African fish, 300 species of trees, 34 types of amphibians, and 500 species of birds. And for the wild you have the lions, leopards, buffalo, elephants and the white rhino. With all these do you think the wildlife safari would be short of excitement?

Wetlands in Botswana

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The wetlands in Botswana are more popular among the tourists for the canoe trip. In this trip you can watch the hippos, antelopes, and even the lions drinking water. A canoe trip will be such an exciting trip for your whole family. It is sure that the kids would enjoy this very much.